Thursday, November 20, 2008



Please Luke I've had enough!!!


Josh started eating baby cereal last week and he loves it. We feed him cereal twice a day. Luke loves to help feed baby Josh and is a great big helper!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wheeler Farms

When our friends the Bartlett's came into town we took them to a place in SLC called Wheeler Farms. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time. Luke all of a sudden loves horses and whenever he gets the chance and we go someplace that has pony rides he is all over it. At this place it was neat because Karl was able to lead the pony while Luke was on it. Also, at Wheeler Farms the kids feed the ducks, made a scarecrow, picked pumpkins and went on a wagon ride.

Luke and Jacob feeding the ducks.

Wheeler Farm in SLC

Luke and Jacob playing with they hay while Karl and Jon were making a scarecrow

The boys decided to help make the scarecrow.

The finished product!!

A beautiful view of the mountains

Jacob and Luke picked some pumpkins and then they decorated them.

Fun with the Bartlett family!!!

Our friends the Bartlett's from Kansas City came to visit us in Utah and we had a fabulous time with them. Thank you so much for coming to visit!!!

Luke and Jacob sitting on a bench after going for a hike in the neighborhood.

Josh and Maddy

Luke taking Jacob for a ride in his Gator!!

Jacob and Luke decorating halloween cookies.

Future bobsled team for the 2010 Olympics!!!!

We went to Olympic Park in Park City, Utah and
had a tour of where some of the 2002 winter olympics took place.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Grammie and Grampy came to visit us in Utah for a week. We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins. Luke thought it was very messy!!!


Luke was so excited and couldn't wait to rake the leaves and jump in them!!! We are surrounded by trees so there was a lot to rake up!!!
Luke and Josh

Family fun in the leaves!!

Grammie, Grampy and Luke


Our first Halloween in Utah. This was Luke's very first year trick or treating. He loved everything about Halloween this year and he even wore his fireman costume!! We bought it for Luke last year but he did not want any part of Halloween and would not wear it. He loved getting candy but the funny thing is he really doesn't like to eat it, but mommy and daddy do!!! We went trick or treating in our neighborhood with Grammie and Grampy, we stayed out for about 1 1/2 hours. The weather was warm but we had a few showers while we were out trick or treating.

The Kelley boys.