Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip to the aquariam in Sandy, UT

On Sunday we heading out and planned on going to the zoo but when we got there it was raining so we decided to go to the aquarium. The boys all three had a fun time!!!

Luke's first trip to the dentist.

Luke had his first checkup at the dentist on Friday, June 12th and he did excellent! Karl and I were so proud of Luke. He sat in the chair all by himself and was so brave. They cleaned his teeth, flossed them and took x-rays. He had a cleaned bill of health with no cavities!!! In the lobby of the dentist office there is a board and photo's off all the kids who had check ups with no cavities and Luke had asked me about it before we went in for his cleaning if he would be on there and I told him if he didn't have any cavities he would be and what do you know he made the board!!! He was very happy about that! Luke also got to pick out a very nice toy at Target from us for being such a big boy at the dentist!! He picked out a remote control red corvette and he has been playing with it non stop.

Fun at Discovery Gateway with daddy!

Champ Camp

Luke is signed up for Champ Camp which is a six week program held on Saturday mornings. The first two weeks he did tee ball, the next two weeks basketball and then the last two weeks he will do soccer. This Saturday we start soccer. Luke has really been enjoying this program and I will say that he is pretty good too. We've been going on Saturday's at 8am!!! Luke is an early riser so this time works best for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Higgins Beach, Maine

Kathy, Luke and Josh

Josh and Luke (Josh's first time at the beach) we went to the beach for probably one whole minute just enough to get some photo's of the boys at the beach. We can now say that Josh has been to the Atlantic ocean.

Before we left Maine we took a drive over to Portland Head Lights to get a few photo's before we flew out of town. On this trip we really appreciated all the beautiful sights and views that Maine has to offer. We had a wonderful time visiting family and seeing friends. We miss you all so much.

Fun at the beach

Luke loved playing in the sand at the beach. I asked Luke what was your favorite thing that you did while we were in Maine and he said "playing at the big sand park" so cute how he called the beach a big sand park!
Luke with cousin Logan

Maine photo's with family

cousin Jordan, her boyfriend and Luke

Josh and Aunt KK

cousin Ben from Georgia and Luke

Josh and Uncle Troy

Visiting friends in Maine

While we were in Maine we had a chance to visit with a couple of my college girlfriends in Bangor!!! It was wonderful to see them and to spend the afternoon with them and let the kiddos play and get to know each other. Thank you for having us over Kelli!!

Josh with Gabby, and Jazzy

Gabby, Josh, Luke and Jazzy
My buddy Kelli with her girls Jazzy and Gabby

My girlfriend Hope, with all the kiddos

Oh what a great wedding photo!!! Jazzy and Luke!!

Maine photo's with family

Josh with Nana

cousin Katie, Josh and Luke

Papere' and Josh

Luke and Papere' at the park

the boys with cousin Katie

Josh with Uncle Greg

Luke and Katie playing outside with sidewalk chalk

Luke and Papere' (Luke put stickers all over Papere's face)