Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to Vegas!

Black Island Farm (pumpkin patch)

Lagoon trail walk and picnic lunch

We went on a nature walk with our moms group and the kids had a good time. The older kids rode their bikes along the way. We stopped and had lunch and let the kids play for awhile. It was a beautiful day.
Luke and his pal Lainey.

Luke modeling his vest and hat he made at school.

Luke had western day at school a few weeks ago and they made a vest and hat. He was so proud of it!


Photo's of Luke and his friend Drew. They play on a league on Saturday mornings. One more week to go and he will be finished for the season. Luke played on two different leagues this fall and loved it. He seems to be a pretty good soccer player, must take after his dad!

Circus in SLC.

We took the boys to the circus a couple of weeks ago. Luke loved it and didn't take his eyes off anything!!! He was excited to get some cotton candy and a hat! He was a good boy and shared with his little brother.

Luke building a shelving unit with me.

Luke loved using the power drill, he was a big help helping me with this project.